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Get back to doing what you love with a holistic and natural approach to pain relief, sports injury recovery, and integrative cancer care in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.

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Heal and treat the root cause naturally, safely, and painlessly

derek_acupuncturistFind relief from even the most stubborn pains and health struggles with Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine with Dr Derek Kirkham.

With a full doctorate and teaching at Bastyr University, Dr. Derek provides the highest quality experience and knowledge to treating the root problems, unraveling chronic conditions, and giving you relief fast.

“Derek is a wonderful healer with a great depth of knowledge. He has helped me get rid of my allergies, and fight off colds so I can keep working. Most recently his treatments on my back have helped me recover from a severe car accident. Receiving Dr. Derek’s treatments got me back to fully pre-accident status in only six months.  I feel great!”
- Bryan , Seattle

Head to Toe Pain Relief

I specialize in pain relief and pain management. With years of experience, I use my knowledge to create the ideal treatment plan to address your injury or ailment.

Healing Sports Injury

Get back to doing what you love. As a licensed personal trainer, I not only treat the injury and heal the pain, I guide you to preventing the injury from re-occurring with practical recovery plans.

Integrative Cancer Care

Complement your cancer treatment with natural solutions designed to relieve and manage pain and nausea. With a doctorate in integrative cancer care and pain management, I provide you effective relief.

Insurance Coverage

I accept most insurance plans that cover acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, providing holistic healthcare under your existing insurance. Check with your provider to verify your coverage and benefits.
“My lower back pain was gone within just a few sessions. Amazing results after years of pain and being told by another doctor that I would just have to live with chronic pain and manage it with drugs. I give Derek my highest recommendation!”

“I have had headaches since 8th grade, something that most doctors would tell me ‘was all in my head’, and were unable to offer any real help.  After just a few sessions with Derek, I could see a noticeable decrease in the pain and fatigue that I have felt for most of my life.  It’s amazing to feel this way after so long… Thanks Derek!”

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Your Partner in Health and Healing

A Natural and Holistic Approach

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine uses your body’s own natural ability to heal, taking advantage of over 3,000 year old wisdom into the body’s flows and systems. It recognizes the causes of health troubles are often not what you would expect, and creates a path to healing, bringing natural alignment back to the body.

The swelling and inflammation that often causes pain and headaches are often relieved in your very first session. But I don’t stop there. I help keep the pain away and do the deep healing that will return your body to it’s normal functioning again.

Chronic Pain Relief

If you struggle from chronic pain or a chronic health condition, you know the frustration of going to doctor after doctor with no results. You just want to feel normal again, and I help patients get there often when nothing else seemed to work.

A doctoral degree in integrative cancer care and pain management (DAOM) from Bastyr University gives extra insight into relieving and managing the chronic pain that won’t go away. Whatever the cause, we get to the root of the problem and bring relief.

Working with Your Existing Care

You won’t find conflicts between acupuncture and your existing care and treatments. I work with your existing providers and treatment plans to work with them instead of forcing my own view point.

Whether it be your doctor or your chiropractic, I’m here to add another layer to your treatment for added pain relief and healing.

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