Neck Pain Relief

The pain from a neck injury can be quite overwhelming.

The causes can range from sleeping in an uncomfortable bed to a motor vehicle accident. In any case, East Asian medicine has a wide variety of modalities to address the issue.

The muscles and structures of the neck are there to support the head and provide range of motion, which allows you to navigate through the world. It’s debilitating when an injury stops you from driving because you cant look over the shoulder or stops you from working because you have a horrible headache that’s starting in the neck.

Acupuncture is a great tool to loosen the muscles and increase range of motion; by moving Qi and Blood and removing the obstructions along the pathways of the neck the pain can be diminished and normal activities resumed.

The treatment strategies with acute versus chronic neck pain are different and the amount of care needed can also be different. Acute neck pain requires a quick response and more frequent treatments. Generally, we recommend 2-3 acupuncture visits a week for 1-2 weeks then a reassessment takes place. Chronic back pain can take more time to improve so a more methodical course of care is needed. This generally means acupuncture once a week with reassessment after 4-6 weeks.

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  • Testimonials:

    “I have chronic pain in my upper back, and decided to try something new. I was previously hesitant, since I wasn’t really sure about acupuncture. After a little bit of research, I decided to give it a shot.

    All I can say is, wow. What an incredible treatment. The “needle” thing only took a second to get past, once I realized that he had put several in without me even feeling the penetration.

    I put “needle” in quotes, because they are so small, and not what I would typically associate with the idea of a needle in a doctor’s office.

    Overall, it was an incredibly rejuvenating experience, and left me feeling renewed and painless. I look forward to future appointments, and will strongly recommend Derek Kirkham to everyone I come in contact with who has any issues with pain or stress.”


    - BW


    Acupuncture was shown effective in the treatment of chronic neck pain.

    In a 2004 study, 68% of the individuals that completed the study reported improvements (pain reduction) of over 50%. There was a 85% reduction in pain when the neck pain was present less than 3 months and a 78% reduction when the pain was present less than 6 months.

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