Patient Testimonials

“Derek is a wonderful healer with a great depth of knowledge. He has helped me get rid of my allergies, and fight off colds so I can keep working. Most recently his treatments on my back have helped me recover from a severe car accident. Receiving weekly treatments got me back to pre-accident status in only six months!  I feel great!  I recommend Derek to all my friends and clients!”

Bryan , Seattle

“I have had headaches since 8th grade, something that most doctors would tell me ‘was all in my head’, and were unable to offer any real help.  After just a few sessions with Derek, I could see a noticeable decrease in the pain and fatigue that I have felt for most of my life.  It’s amazing to feel this way after so long… Thanks Derek!”

Greg, Seattle

“I was not a believer in acupuncture and hesitant to give it a try because I hate needles! Derek made the entire process comfortable, he asked lots of questions, took notes, and I NEVER have seen a needle in his office.

My lower back pain was gone within just a few sessions. Amazing results after years of pain and being told by another doctor that I would just have to live with chronic pain and manage it with drugs. I give Derek my highest recommendation!”


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  • “I have chronic pain in my upper back, and decided to try something new. I was previously hesitant, since I wasn’t really sure about acupuncture. After a little bit of research, I decided to give it a shot.

    All I can say is, wow. What an incredible treatment. The “needle” thing only took a second to get past, once I realized that he had put several in without me even feeling the penetration.

    I put “needle” in quotes, because they are so small, and not what I would typically associate with the idea of a needle in a doctor’s office.

    Overall, it was an incredibly rejuvenating experience, and left me feeling renewed and painless. I look forward to future appointments, and will strongly recommend Derek Kirkham to everyone I come in contact with who has any issues with pain or stress.”