Low Back Pain

Low Back pain is the most common issue seen at Glow Natural Health Center. It can be from an acute injury, such as playing sports or tripping and falling. Other causes of low back pain can be less obvious but still debilitating. For example, a limitation in movement such as prolonged sitting, standing or repetitive actions can cause back pain. In either case the outcome is the same, reduced activity or lifestyle and a significant amount of pain.

As acupuncturists we take the time to fully assess your back injury to determine the best course of action. This may include acupuncture alone, but usually the addition of Asian bodywork techniques or other healing modalities help to facilitate the healing process. During the initial assessment process a full evaluation of your injury will take place. This includes a detailed history and orthopedic tests to pinpoint the problem area.

The treatment strategies with acute versus chronic low back pain are different and the amount of care needed can also be different. Acute low back pain, whether upper, mid or low requires a quick response and more frequent treatments. Generally, we recommend 2-3 visits a week for 1-2 weeks then a reassessment takes place. Chronic low back pain can take more time to improve so a more methodical course of care is needed. This generally means acupuncture once a week with reassessment after 4-6 weeks.


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  • Testimonials:

    “I was not a believer in acupuncture and hesitant to give it a try because I hate needles! Derek made the entire process comfortable, he asked lots of questions, took notes, and I NEVER have seen a needle in his office.

    My lower back pain was gone within just a few sessions. Amazing results after years of pain and being told by another doctor that I would just have to live with chronic pain and manage it with drugs. I give Derek my highest recommendation!”


    - BV


    There a number of studies that shows the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of chronic and acute low back pain. In one such study, published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, it concluded that acupuncture has a “beneficial and persistent effectiveness against chronic low back pain.”

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    In another study, it showed that acupuncture could be highly effective for the treatment of acute low back pain. This study also looked at the effect of certain medications and concluded that acupuncture was more effective than the medication used in the study.

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