Bodywork Therapies for Pain Relief

Tui Na

A form of bodywork, tui na focuses on changing and correcting the movement of Qi with the hands. This hands-on approach engages the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Tui Na allows the pathways of Qi to open, regaining balance. In our clinic, tui na is often used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and is usually added to the beginning or end of an acupuncture treatment. The combination of acupuncture and tui na is great for the treatment of pain. We highly recommend it.

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Gua Sha

A dermal friction technique, gua sha moves Qi and blood by briskly stimulating the skin with a small round-edged tool, similar to a soupspoon. This stimulating action pulls the stuck Qi and blood that is trapped in the muscle layer, raising it to the surface, just below the skin. This action allows new Qi and blood to move into the tissue and the old “stuck” Qi and blood to be re-circulated. This technique is great for decreasing pain, improving range of motion and mobility.

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Cupping is a suction technique that creates a pumping action inside the muscle by drawing blood to the surface and allowing new blood to flow into the muscle to allow repair and healing. This can either be done using a lit cotton ball to create a vacuum called “fire cupping” or with specialized cups that allow air to be pumped out called “air cupping.” Cupping is great for acute or chronic pain when the is fixed or stabbing in quality.

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