Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can benefit individuals suffering from lateral elbow pain, often called tennis elbow. The pain associated with tennis elbow usually starts after repetitive activities, like tennis. The pain is often severe and can be sharp, burning, achy or sore in quality.  The pain can be aggravated by continued repetitive activity, like tennis, gardening, computer work or house cleaning. The simple act of grasping an object or twisting a jar of peanut butter open can cause severe pain. Acupuncture can be effectively used to treat tennis elbow as a stand-alone treatment or in concert with other therapeutic modalities like massage or physical therapy. Acupuncture works by addressing the pain, inflammation and swelling common in tennis elbow. Acupuncture also helps by loosening and relaxing the damaged muscles, allowing the muscles to regain their natural tone and shape. If you’re looking for a drug free way to treat to your elbow pain consider acupuncture. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment option for tennis elbow.



Acupuncture Proven to Heal Tennis Elbow

Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow